Diego Rivera’s “Mural Palacio Nacional Mexico”

Diego Rivera is often noted for the dramatic murals depicting Mexican history and society. He was passionate about advocating for workers’ rights, and this was a theme that he often depicted in his paintings. You should take the time to check out the paintings of Diego Rivera if you want to explore art that has political themes.

Many of the paintings and murals of Diego Rivera express a communist theme. His thought-provoking paintings often spur discussion amongst people about disparities between different classes of people. It can be Read the rest of this entry

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10 European Artworks that You Must See

No cultural experience of Europe is complete without viewing some the world’s most famous artwork. It allows you to view the progression of religious ideas, artistic technique, and even human thoughts on the perception of reality itself. Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” is a stunning example of how the Renaissance artists began to use metaphor as a method for combining traditional Christian ideals with the stories of Greek mythology. The Muse de l’Orangerie in Paris allows visitors to gaze upon eight waterlily paintings by Claude Monet, one of the leading Impressionist painters. His ability to Read the rest of this entry

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Protecting Your Home and Belongings When Disaster Strikes

People have heard the horror stories from homeowners after they experienced a flood. These homeowners contacted their insurance companies to file a claim and received the bad news that they were not covered for floods. This unfortunate event happens, but people are surprised just as often by what their home insurance policies do cover.

Repairs that Bring the Property Up to Code

Those who have the basic home insurance policy that is known as “HO-3″ know that their insurance will pay to repair the home under some circumstances. What they may be surprised to learn is that their policies will also include coverage if they need to pay for repairs to bring the property up to code. If this is required after a covered loss, their insurance companies will provide the money for it.

Spoiled Food

Another very helpful part of the basic policy covers spoiled food. Home insurance covers damages that occur after a power outage. This would affect their kitchen appliances, and the homeowners would find that everything in the refrigerator and freezer has spoiled and is unable to be eaten. Homeowners would receive about 500 to replace the food they lost in this manner.

Third-Party Injuries that Occur Somewhere Other than on the Property

Although it is a home insurance policy, the coverage can extend much farther than the property line. Home insurance contains liability coverage that typically has limits between 100,000 and 300,000. This coverage can protect homeowners if they are found to liable for another person’s injuries that did not occur on the property.

College Students’ Belongings While Away at School

Parents will be happy to know that their home insurance policies can also cover their children’s belongings at their colleges. However, this type of coverage may be limited to students who living on-campus. Those who live off-campus will be able to insure their belongings with a relatively inexpensive renter’s insurance policy.

It may be a pleasant surprise for homeowners to learn how far their home insurance coverage will go. The above perils are included in the policy, and homeowners do not have to pay an extra cost for it. However, insurance policies are different from place to place, so homeowners will need to make sure that their particular policies contain these additions.

To find an affordable policy that has the extensive coverage described above, visit www.shophomeinsurance.net.

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Top 10 Landscape Artists of All Time

When it comes to the Top 10 landscape artists of all times, Some of the names that will forever be associated with the best of the best include Claude Monet, Bob Ross, and Thomas Kinkade.

Bob Ross, host of The Joy of Painting, a PBS show that was on air for more than a decade painted beautiful landscapes. He was an educator to amateur painters and fans. Using techniques such as the wet on wet method; to add texture, realism and dimension to work. Ross stated he had made in excess of 30,000 paintings in his lifetime.

Prior to his Read the rest of this entry

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The Best Paintings Made By Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was born in France in 1869. Little did his parents know that he would grown up to become one of the most famous French painters of all time. He started painting in 1889 and he fell in love with the art form. He also took up other forms of art such as printmaking and sculpting, but he is most famous for his contributions to painting. The following are some of the best and most famous paintings Read the rest of this entry

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Brush Techniques To Use With Watercolors

When you paint with watercolors it is important to know brush techniques in order to paint better pictures. The more brush techniques that you know and have mastered, the better your pictures are going to be.

Flat Wash

The first technique is called a flat wash. The flat wash can be used for basic things like painting a shape. It takes some time to master, but after you have learned it and know how to do it well, then you will Read the rest of this entry

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Tips For the Beginner Canvas Painter

Painting is a very popular art, practiced by the novice and master alike. Painting on canvas can be difficult to learn, but with patience and the right direction, anyone can learn to paint. Get started by following a few tips.

Get the Right Tools

Having the right brushes, paint and canvas is imperative. Acrylic and oil paints are typically used on canvas. Choosing which paint to select depends on the type of painting you will create. Most beginners find acrylic paints to Read the rest of this entry

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The Life and Works of Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keefe was an American painter who depicted both the buildings and architecture of New York, and the dessert blossoms of New Mexico. Her paintings were characterized by bright colors, intense, large close ups of flower blooms and expansive landscapes of remote desert areas. O’Keefe was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977, as well as the National Medal of Arts, for her work as an artist. Her work continues to hang in the top museums around the world.

She began Read the rest of this entry

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